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Samsung NC215 Solar Notebook comes to South Korea

If you were asked what the advantages of solar energy are, you could probably write reams. We know it’s in abundance out there but we need convenient and inexpensive means of harnessing it. Tech

The Stunning Yike Bike is Finally Available for $3,600

From the images alone, one can decipher that Yike Bike holds the future for chic personal commuting wheels. The miniature electric bike will roar of the streets and rebuke menacing traffic jams as you

Stanford University students create a Laptop that can be easily diassembled

October’s Autodesk Inventor of the Month award has been given to a group of graduation students from Stanford University for the Bloom laptop design. What is so special about this laptop? Well, it can be disassembled

Tiny Handmade Wood Acron Speakers Are Perfect On-the-go Music Accessory

Are you a little tired of hearing music through headphones or docking stations and want to try something new? Here is a tiny wood acorn speaker that will spice up your music experience and

Plastic Pens Turn Ugly, Paper Mate Unleashes Bio-degrable Line of Pens and Pencils

With our daily schedules driven by the need for money and power, it isn’t more than often that we forget our responsibilities towards the environment even when the current climatic changes are yapping of

Kinetic Corky: Wireless mouse to generate its own energy!

Nothing says green and eco-friendly like putting away plastic and using a biodegradable substance in its place or doing away with the usage of batteries that lead to pile up of toxic waste once

TalkingPlug from Zerofootprint: Whispering green nothings into your gadgets!

Monitoring your power energy needs and managing the power consumption at your place has becoming a rapidly popular trend across the globe and firms like Google have already released extensive power monitoring systems which

Naoooooooooo Experimental Light: Illuminating your room with USB power!

Now we have no clue as to why designer Tim Richter decided to name his little cool conception as “Naoooooooooo” (That is 10 ‘o’s in the title), but both the intent and the technology

Cyclist’s Golf Caddy: Eco consciousness on the green

They call it the ‘green’, but in all reality there is very little green and eco-friendly about golf. Golfers would obviously tell you that so is the case with most other sports and you

Earth-Day Celebrations: A collection of Top 10 green products from CES 2009

Each year we celebrate the Earth Day with plenty of enthusiasm and lots of fervor and then forget all about it the next day by going around throwing plastic bags on beaches and buying