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Google Inc Announces The Addition Of Live Traffic Coverage In Google Maps For Europe

One of the foremost mapping and navigation services on the web, Google Maps has now been given an update that will enable it display live traffic coverage in some thirteen countries in Europe. The

Nanotecnology to cure cancer

A material thickness of only one atom and a “mini submarine” capable of administering chemotherapy in a tumor are some of the findings presented at a conference on nanotechnology held in Tel Aviv. The

Bush planned to attack Iran and Syria

Former U.S. president George W. Bush (2001-2009) ordered the Pentagon who planned attacks on Iran and Syria, he said in his autobiography “Decision Points“, which launched yesterday. The U.S. says to keep “all options

Vatican asks for peace in Middle East

Catholic bishops call on the international community and especially the United Nations to put an end, through the implementation of resolutions of its Security Council, the Israeli occupation of the “various Arab territories.” This

Stuxnet may be a far greater threat than imagined

The recent worm attack Stuxnet is generating much discussion and speculation about the intent, purpose, origin, and especially the identities of the attackers and their targets. The virus, highly sophisticated, contaminated businesses worldwide, but

Mobileye Products Introduces Pedestrian Alert Feature For Its Vehicle Collision Prevention System

One of the foremost names in vehicular safety, Mobileye Products, has now announced the addition of an all new feature to its collision prevention system. This new feature called, ‘Pedestrian Alert’, is now available

Coca Cola Camp Uses Facebook “Like” Option to Gain Online Footage

The latest swirl in the marketing scenario is using the Facebook “like” option to gain visibility and fan following. Almost everybody brand which is trying to gain footage and popularity have installed Flike option

Israel Unveils Military Inspired 3G Drone to Track Down Water Loss and Tampering

Water Conservation programs and awareness campaigns aren’t unheard of. With perils of Global Warming and no-rain phenomena taking place all over the globe, water, among other essentials of life would be priced like Gold.

Lindsay Lohan Gets a Female Israeli Soldier as a Lover

Samantha Ronson might finally have managed to shoo away Lindsay, but our lady never fails to find a damsel at every corner of the road she walks on. This time around, she has found

MIT & Scientists From Israel Develop The Fist Jigsaw Puzzle Solving Software

Is there anything the folks over at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology aren’t able to accomplish. After giving the word numerous extremely useful inventions, scientists from the MIT and Tel Aviv University in Israel,