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Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7 will be launched this year

Mozilla announced on Monday plans for aggressive launches of its open-source browser, FireFox. By the end of 2011, the company wants to put on the market four new versions. The company currently is working

CES 2011: Presenting An All New Video Aggregator, Fuugo From Axel Technologies

The Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES 2011) in Las Vegas proved to be platform was some of the most remarkable technologies as well as an assortment of gadgets and gizmos, that not only represented

Mac App Store: good, bad or ugly?

The Mac App Store might not be a store for the major powers of software that now live in the ecosystem of OS X, but for a new generation of developers. The reason for

Mozilla Brings Out More Details For Firefox 4 Beta 7 With A Release of The Beta Version

One of the most widely cherished and incredibly popular web browsers, Firefox from the Mozilla Foundation is now speeding towards a vital upgrade, that would change the user experience with Firefox forever. Mozilla has

“Hackintosh” fights Apple

The legal fight between Apple and Psystar seemed to have ended in December 2009, when the manufacturer was prohibited to sell Hackintosh computers with Mac OS X, but it was only a pause. At

Famed Apple Safari Browser Now Found To Have A Serious Security Hole

One of the most widely used and cherished web browsers, Apple Safari has now been detected with a security hole, that would allow attackers to siphon off personal information of the users and is

Microsoft is opening the Outlook code as open source

Microsoft is opening the Outlook code as open source, under the terms of the license open source Apache to allow access to tools to e-mail of the Office suite. With this, developers outside the

Axon Logic Introduces Budget Hackintosh Tablet Device To Rival Apple iPad

When it comes to beating Apple Inc. at its own game, one of the most popular terms in circulation been ‘Hackintosh’. As per the self explanatory word, Hackintosh is essentially a process where Apple

2009 Proved To Be An Awesome Year For iPhone OS, Not So Much For Apple Safari Browser & MAC OS X

For Apple Inc. the extremely proud developers of the insanely famous Apple iPhone, the year 2009 proved to one of the greatest years in the company’s history, with some minor setbacks of course!. The

Introducing The OS Xbox Pro. Mac OS Pro + Xbox.

So far we have seen various desktop machines being hacked to run the Apple Mac operating system, notebooks and laptops have been hackintoshed to make them compatible for the Apple OS and even the