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Nvidia To Host GeForce LAN 6 Competition With Digital Storm ODE Gaming PC As The Ultimate prize

One of the biggest names in the field of cutting edge graphic processing units or graphic cards, Nvidia, is now back once again with its incredibly popular LAN gaming competition and for this year,

What to expect from the next Nexus?

Several specialized sites have reported the technical specifications that would be the next Nexus, the new generation of smartphone in Google’s official Android platform. They all show the same information, there is disagreement as

Apple Inc. Could Bring In Powerful Quad Processors To Apple iPad 3

It’s just been three months into the launch of one of the most successful and incredibly cherished tablet devices in the markets, Apple iPad 2 and there is already murmurs of the next generation

3D movies on your browser

  It is impressive every news related to stereoscopic 3D that appears. Avatar, James Cameron, a very weak film but with three-dimensional, sparked a mad rush by 3D, as if the public was eager

Presenting The All New Eye Popping Tron Style Lightcycle PC

One of the mega Hollywood blockbusters of the year 2010, Tron: Legacy that carried the Tron legacy of the 1982 science fiction, Tron, has now become the reason for a fabulous new product that

Best 22 Tech Gadgets Perfect For Outdoor & Traveling, Courtesy Travel and Leisure

1)  Motorola Xoom: Introduced as a stark competitor to Apple iPad, the incredible Motorola Xoom has again and again given us everything that we expected out of a Google Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) powered tablet.

Qualcomm invests on tablets

Qualcomm announced that its newest dual-core processor designed to compete in heated tablet market. The new processor from Qualcomm, Snapdragon APQ8060, is being used on the TouchPad, HP, revealed this week. The chip arrives

Windows 8 in Intel smartphones?

After presenting the Microsoft version of ARM processors with Windows 8, Intel says it will put the new operating system to mobile phones. During a presentation to financial markets last week, someone asked Paul

CES 2011: Nvidia Announces Plans To Develop Advanced ARM CPU & GPU

With the current generation computing requirements going through the roof, major computer hardware and processor companies such as Intel Inc. etc. are now working towards new breakthrough innovations and cutting edge technologies to meet

Honeycomb is not coming so soon

Android Tablets with single processor core, as the Galaxy Tab, Samsung will not have the minimum requirements for the Honeycomb, Google’s operating system tailored for tablets, according to a manufacturer. Bobby Cha, managing director