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Swine Flu: no stranger to human immune system, not a new virus, immune system already prepared for it

By now, the world has already realized that the dreaded pandemic-level disease called swine flu, also known as Influenza A (H1N1) ‘isn’t as contagious and deadly as feared.’ Unfortunately for Big Pharma and vaccine

What you don’t know about Swine flu can kill you

There are some myths about swine flu that could put your life in danger. Arming yourself with the latest reliable information regarding the virus spread, swine flu vaccination, and all other details of the

Do you know what’s in a Swine Flu Vaccine?

Do any of us mere mortals really know what’s in a vaccine? Some are probably aware that vaccines contain ingredients such as squalene or thimerosal. Those who think that these are dangerous ingredients would

Priority List for Swine Flu Vaccine Distribution in the U.S.

Any type of flu virus ‘can be dangerous for a pregnant woman, but swine flu appears to be especially threatening.’ It was discovered and ascertained that pregnant women are vulnerable to swine flu. The

Your (Up and Coming) Swine Flu Vaccine May (or May Not) Have an Adjuvant. What’s That?

Vaccine manufacturers and drug makers are racing with one another in their respective swine flu vaccine development and production before fall which is the estimated start of the next flu season. Another possible flu