Take Refuge In An Eggshell Says Japan’s Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio

When was the chick most comfortable when it landed on the earth? Most definitely, inside the egg! Taking cue from this natural process, Japan’s Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio has come up with the Concrete pod. This egg-shaped haven is supposed to give you a moment of escape from the stresses of the mad bad world that we live in today.

The makers believe that the dome’s minimal scale enables us to be more relaxed than usual just like the way we tend to let our hair down when in a traditional tea-house Cha-sitsu. The world got its first glimpse of the 170mm high and 15mm thick eggshell, made from reinforced concrete, at the Concrete Art Museum 2005 in Nagoya.

Designers reveal that the minor axis of a hen’s egg is 40mm and is thick by 400 microns, which means that the concrete shell is nothing but another expansion of a hen’s eggshell. And by that we don’t mean to imply that the concrete shell is delicate. It has enough strength to support a grown-up man sitting atop. The holes in the shell body helps one relax while still remaining connected to the exterior environment.


Via morita & busyboo