Takeshi Miyakawa Unveils Melting Artwork at Eyebeam Gallery

Last week an exhibition at the EyeBeam gallery with the title “The Creatomatic,” was held in New York. The show was displayed by the designer of Software Creatomatic, which allows artists to create artwork through a computer based program. The exhibition features the new art works which originated through “The Creatomatic,” software including, “Candelier” by Takeshi Miyakawa,  and the presentation at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center allows you to look at progressing work and research. You will get an opportunity to meet awesome artists and those who promote technology in open studio. Nova Jiang of Eyebeam displayed a collection of art works generated by Creatomatic and that includes various artists. There is also this installation made of wax which will finally disappear if you light. Takeshi Miyakawa lit the Candeliers, and visitors witnessed it dripping apart.

The Creatomatic is a software design to quicken the sharpness of mind and imagination which would lead to new inventions. Two diagrams of art works would be haphazardly selected from a selection of more than hundreds, which may be nonsensical or practical. The method is based on the inspiration of inadvertent nature of creativity. The techniques adopted in Creatomatic overcome customary ways of thinking.

Creatomatic Method stimulates the participant’s creative urge continuously as it is presented in the manner of workshops to the public. The participants are directed gradually from the beginning to activate the inspiration through the repetition of actions to make them realize their inventions. The Black Rock Arts Foundation supports this programme with a generous grant.