Taliban publicly execute eloping lovers

In Nimroz, a Taliban-controlled province in Afghanistan, an eloping couple was publicly executed in front of a mosque. The local religious leaders said that the couple’s action runs against a religious decree, and was an ‘insult to Islam.’ The couple attempted to elope and run to Iran because their families disapproved their marriage plans.

Taliban mullahs promptly issued a fatwa or religious decree against the couple, ordering their deaths. According to sources, the families of the 21-year old man and 19-year old woman may be connected to the Taliban itself.

The Taliban presence has been slowly gaining ground in Afghanistan over the past three years. The insurgency group controls many remote provinces where the country’s government can hardly have any access. One such place is Nimroz. The Taliban implements a very harsh version of the Islamic Sharia law where public execution and floggings are commonly carried out by the religious/moral police.

Women are treated without some basic human rights under the Taliban. They are forbidden to leave their homes and walk in public without a male relative accompanying them. Girls cannot go to school. Honor killings are usually carried out as a practice when a woman ‘shames’ her family.



burqa-clad Afghan woman