TechCrunch50: Clasemovil Aims to Bring Video Games to the Classroom

Moctezuma, the CEO of Mexican start up Clasemovil presented his ideas and the idea behind his company at TechCrunch50. Clasemovil aims to teach children using video games and videos, as that is what they are most familiar with and books and print are media that they are not familiar with. Clasemovil aims to make learning fun for K-12th grade students and games would be used to teach math, history, language, or science.

Students pick the subject they want and they get a menu of sorts. Since the site is self directed, children and students can make use of the familiar way of using consoles and displays and learn boring subjects in an easier and much familiar manner. Apparently, the company is also planning to launch a virtual credit card for students through which they can learn to manage personal finance.

They are looking for funds of up to half a million dollar. It is an interesting method indeed, but using video games in studies and education is not a novel idea. Most pedagogical resources indicate that video games have delivered better results among students when used in education, and thus it has already been tried before.