TechCrunch50: DataXu a Real Time Ad Optimization System

DataXu is a Boston-based start-up which looks pretty impressive and was announced at the. They have debuted what is being touted as the first real-time ad optimization system. They have worked across exchange and ad platforms such as Yahoo, Microsoft and Google. The start up aims to help the advertisers more than the publishers.

The Start up values, bid manages and buys ads using smart algorithms. It would be interesting to see of this cool new thing would change the way we have been dealing with online advertising. If it really changes the ecosystem, it would be a great thing as that would remove Google’s dominance over ad industry.

Moreover, the start up aims to make the lives of advertisers easier than it is before. Hence, it is a start up that I would keenly watch out for. I would certainly vouch for such new ad platforms that seek to optimize the advertising system. It may take a while for its popularity to grow though.