TechCrunch50: iMo Launches New Software that Controls PC Games via iPhone or iPod Touch

After Spawn Labs introduced the console-to-PC streaming set-top box at the TechCrunch50 the previous day, another new company called iMo made its debut at the same conference today. Apparently, iMo was not granted permission to do their presentation at the conference but once they began, they had the most crowd pleasing presentation of the day. iMo’s product promises to turn an iPhone or iPod touch into a PC game controller.

The software uses the accelomenter to control the movement of PC games via WiFi or bluetooth. It also features onscreen controls for the iPhone and iPod touch too. Besides, it is much more portable than traditional PC controller hardware. However, there must be special software downloaded for the PC as well as iPhone/iPod Touch app for the system to work.

It’s not yet certain if the mouse/keyboard combo will be replaced by a regular joystick or gamepad. There is no information available just yet regarding its price tag or the release date. Well, I am only wondering what Spawn Labs have to say about iMo’s product. This is too much of a competition for the same thing.