TechCrunch50: oDesk Launches oDesk Challenge to Provide Startups a New Way to Hire Their Online Workers

Online jobs are ever becoming not only popular but important as well both for the workers and the employers. oDesk has launched an interesting program called “oDesk Challenge” that help young startups collate together teams of staffers rather quickly and efficiently as well. oDesk is a site, which helps companies recruit and coordinate online workers.

The good news is that the first 20 venture-backed startups to upload their job openings to oDesk will win free premium services from the company. Well, it’s not an easy task for the account managers at oDesk as they have to scour its database of 320,000 job candidates, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and also select the top workers for each startup.

oDesk is of the opinion that hiring temporary or remote workers found online can save companies up to 80 percent on labor. Further, they believe that workers found through the site have more specialized skills than those drafted via services like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Many of these workers are software engineers, graphic artists, web developers, writers and customer service agents.

If a company wants to be a part of the oDesk Challenge, they should first post their jobs on the site and alert oDesk that they want to be part of the program via an e-mail. For each job listing, oDesk will present three screened job candidates in a week’s time. oDesk also provides accountability assurance besides hiring and billing capabilities.

Via: Venture Beat\oDesk