TechCrunch50: SealTale Makes Using Widgets Easy and Profitable

If you are a blogger, you would know how important widgets are to personalize your page, and also to let people know what you believe in and what your interests are. SealTale is a start up which is participating in TechCrunch50, and aims to tap this growing need for widgets.

Bloggers can pick “seals” which allow the user to let the visitors know which products, bands, movements or causes they would vouch for. Bloggers can also create their own seals. When a visitor hovers their mouse around the seal, the seal would open an RSS feed which would bring posts from other blogs that have similar content.

Thus, different blogs can be connected and precious traffic can be directed from one another. SealTale looks like a promising start up and only time will tell if it is going to work or not. The seals can be used in social networking sites such as Facebook too. Thus, connecting visitors and similar blogs would become easier.