TechCrunch50: Story Something Brings Technology to Bedtime Stories

TechCrunch50 finalist Story Something is a start up that brings home the idea of convenient story telling time. Most parents not only lack the inspiration to spin stories for their children during bed time but also it becomes difficult to read through a book and then tell the story aloud.

Story Something changes all that by putting the child in the centre of the narrative and making him or her the hero/heroine of the story. The stories can be generated based on the whims and fantasies of both the parents and the child, by just clicking on various animals, situations, etc.

The stories would be delivered to email or can be viewed over web. In fact, if you are out with a child and the child gets really distracted, you can always read out a story to him using your iPhone. The company would charge parents $3 every month as a subscription fee. Even authors who want to contribute stories can contact the company. People can join Story Something here.