TechCrunch50: TheSwop provides Exchange Facilities for Food and Service for Startups

It’s indeed very true that most startups while just beginning their journey into the business world often go through financial constraints.

In order to help these startups and growing companies trade ‘favors’ to each other, in whatever fields they specialize in, TheSwop, a new site is launched today at TechCrunch50. TheSwop features one-on-one videos for each of its subscribers so that you ward off all possible doubts before considering a deal.

Each subscriber also has a transaction history, and reviews left by other members. The site also offers a map of each of its possible service providers, with paid subscribers highlighted with larger markets. The site is user-friendly. You can simply run a search for whatever you are looking for and use the site’s virtual currency, which is called “favor points” to trade for that.

However, it is not mandatory, and you can opt to pay by cash should if you prefer to do so. I am wondering if barter system to exchange business will actually work in today’s time. Considering that businesses are often logger heads and everybody is pushed toward ‘cut-throat-competition’, it sounds rather dicey to me.

Via: TechCrunch