TechCrunch50: Udorse is a Visual Endorsement Engine

Udorse is being touted as a visual endorsement engine and was launched at the TechCrunch50 conference. The start up connects your Facebook profile to your Udorse account with the help of Facebook Connect. Thanks to all this, you would be able to endorse products, items and objects from your account to Udorse and even add descriptions, tags and identify the item with its brand name.

This way, when someone clicks on an image, they would be given a description of that particular product and even be redirected to the website where it can be bought. I would say, this start up may not make a lot of sense now, but social networking freaks might use it as a new fad.

If the guys behind the Udorse start up are planning to be the next Twitter, it sadly won’t happen. If you are not bored enough, you could go ahead and try tagging some images from your account at the Udorse and expect people to buy what you endorse. It might work if you are Jesus Luz, but if you are who is going to care anyway?