Technological progress vs cultural progress

Never in the humanity’s history there was so much scientific production as now. If the Medium Age was described as an obscure period, nowadays the opposite can be said.

Impelled by the technological progress, several knowledge areas are more and more accumulating information in their respective knowledge fields. And in the last decades the knowledge accumulation added to the technology progress are amazing.

However, this whole scientific adquired in the last decades, and the appearance of new possibilities due to the technological progress seems to be facing a barrier: the lack of abilities to interpret the information stored in supercomputers.

Giant companies as Google and IBM already noticed that problem, as well many governments, especially the American government. This new problem that was detected recently can grow hereafter because the lack of abilities and competences from the youths can end, in last case, in a barrier for the development of a country, of the market and of the humanity.

It seems exaggeration, but the fact is that today we have a lot of stored information, but they lack people to know how to do their correct use.

That can mean the beginning of a technological stagnation. Why have all those advanced supercomputers with trillions of data been stored if there is no qualified people to use those data?

However, going besides that subject, there is a problem even bigger: if the situation is like this in the United States, what can de said about many developing countries? Of course the developed countries should make what is necessary to stimulate their youths to develop new abilities, but what about billions of youths that don’t havet have access to the technology of the information at all? That is a very larger and more significant problem.

Via: NYT.