Ten Best Love Songs To Serenade Your Love!

Valentine’s is just around the corner and if you haven’t wooed the desired one, you must be thing of a hundred ways to do it perfectly. You don’t get many chances to say you love someone, and it’s not Valentine’s everyday (!), so make sure you get it just right. If you’re wondering what to do, why not take a clue from Romeo and serenade your Juliet. It may be cheesy as hell, but your voice singing what your heart wishes to say would be the most romantic thing. And girls, don’t think this is just for the guy; no man would accept it but they would love to be serenaded by a girl- and, it would make him blush (wink wink!)

Here are ten songs that may be old but will be around long after you and I have gone. What better way to say you mean it when you say “Love you, forever”. And this way, you won’t risk forgetting the lines!

  • I Can’t help falling in love– Elvis Presley was the ladies’ man long before he sang this number, but once they heard it they couldn’t stop screaming his name. it’s been covered by other artists over the years, including a slightly pepped up version by UB40, but I like the Richard Marx version best.
  • Everything I do (I do it for you)- No love songs list is complete without this number by Bryan Adams. Even Robin Hood, the King of Hearts sang this for the love of life.
  • Said I love you…But I lied– What Michael Bolton says is true. When you truly love someone, saying ‘Love you’ becomes an understatement.
  • Hello– Lionel Richie’s video taught us that love sees with the heart and not with the eyes. After all, no one is perfect and tend to love them most for their imperfections.
  • A groovy kind of love– I always imagined this is the song Scooby would sing to his lady love, groovy! This song by Phil Collin’s was on a list of the most annoying love songs, and also features on all the best love song lists!
  • Lost in love– Air Supply had it right, you can’t fool anyone when you’re in love with them, they’ll see it in your eyes..
  • I swear– With All For One, you can swear upon all the celestial bodies that your intend to stick with your love through the good times and bad, and that you’re no heartbreaker.
  • You are not alone– Distance makes the heart grow fonder and with this song you can pledge your love no matter where you are. This song by Michael Jackson will convince your love that the only thing that separates you too is the distance.
  • Nothing’s gonna change my love for you– With Glenn Medeiros, you can promise your love that what you feel you who you are won’t be chnaged with the passing of time.
  • I just called to say, I love you– Your love may not believe in celebrating Valentine’s and this song by Stevie Wonder is the best way to say that it’s not Valentine’s but thoughts of the loved one that is making you sing out loud.

Don’t worry about whether you have a singing voice or not, love will make it sound sweet and desirable. And if you forget the lines, don’t stop singing, just make up your own. The remixed version will be much better!


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