Ten Most Romantic Kisses From Hollywood Flicks

It’s that time of the year, when even rugged men get misty eyed as they stare into their love’s eyes over the soft light of candles. Everywhere we go we find that places are decorated in the colour of the season with hearts of all sizes waving in the wind. And if you’re single, no need to get anti-Valentine; Cupid is a crazy kid who works ovbertime blindly shooting everyone. If you want a romantic day then settle down with your hottie at home to watch a romantic flick. To spice things up, choose movies with the most romantic kisses.

  • Never on the lips“- Who can forget Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as the cheeky call girl who knew she should never kiss a client but couldn’t resist. The bedroom scene in which Vivian finds Edward asleep and can’t stop herself from kissing his lips is a romantic reminder of how we just can’t say no to love.
  • “French Kiss, Kate played by Meg Ryan, just can’t seem to understand why kissing obnoxious French guy Luc seems like the right-est thing in the world. It also happens to be one of the most romantic kisses.
  • Bella Notte“- This kiss from Lady and the Tramp is a favourite with all kids, and most adults. Reminiscent of accidental first kisses, the scene in which street-smart and wild Tramp shares a plate of noodles with Lady and both of them find the others lips at the end of a string of noodles may be digitally done but is one of the sweetest.
  • The time of my life“- Patrick Swayze woos ‘Baby’ with his Dirty Dancing lessons that end up with Baby stripping to the bare minimum and the hottest kiss of the movie.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice“- Henry, Adam Sandler’s character in 50 First Dates couldn’t get enough of Lucy (played by Drew Barrymore), even though she never could remember him for more than a day. For Lucy, every kiss is her first kiss with Henry, and the one on the beach after Henry sings her an extremely idiotic made-up song is the sweetest of her many first kisses.
  • I’ll have what she’s having!“- When Harry Met Sally, it seemed no two people could hate each other more. But after much trouble they end up talking about ‘old aquaintainces’ and kissing on New Year’s Eve, sure they were perfect for each other.
  • Wet“- Harry Potter’s description of his first kiss in brought laughter from his best friends, but the kiss under the mistletoe with Cho Chang was one that many ardent fans ahd impatiently waited for as they watched him grow up. Ron’s face’eating kiss will definitely make the list of ‘wet kisses’ next year.
  • Cat, oh, Cat!“- The kiss in the rain at the end of the movie Breakfast At Tiffany had people sympathising with the cat squashed between Paul and Holly in the midst of a most romantic kiss.
  • Love is a force of nature“- The movie that broke all boundaries, Brokeback Mountain, will always be remembered as one of the greatest love stories, no more, no less. The forbidden kiss that Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) convinces Ennis del Mar (Heath Ledger) to accept in the tent is one filled with pain and pleasure and the first of many between the two.
  • Kiss me as if it were the last time“- The scene at the window in Casablanca where Ilsa, played by Ingrid Bergman, tells Bogart’s character to kiss her is one immortalised in movie history, and in the mind’s of romantics who believe every kiss should feel like the last.

Now that you know which movies have the most romantic kisses, which one do you want to want to watch while cuddling up with your sweetie?