Ten One Design unveils Fling for iPhone


Many people felt irritation with the usability of most iPad games basing their controls in imitation of the interaction joystick or D-pad on the screen, with no possibility of feedback by touch.

For this it was created the Fling which is a joystick for iPad that cannot miss the list of accessories for those who have already discovered that playing more than the IOS in the game room. And now comes for iPhone 4 users.

Fling, accessory created by Ten One Design and recently included in the line of products distributed officially by Apple in the U.S., is the element capable of changing the effect of this irritation can be summarized thus: after a few minutes, people realize that they are fighting the difficulty of control and interact much more than fighting the enemies of the game, which gives way to frustration and the search for a game best suited to touchscreen interfaces.

This is a directional pad (joystick) to be fixed (with 2 cups efficient) on the screen of the devices, just above the spot where the developers of each game positioned its annoying virtual control. The suction cups are easy to stick and remove, but require that the device is clean and degreased, to not be moving with the drift of their movements in the game.

After the Fling is there, and after a brief adjustment, interaction with the game is much more natural, because it will offer its feedback by touch – you start to “feel” when the control is at the center, or when it is pointing to each direction.

Via: Tuaw and Ten One Design.