Texas Puts DWI Offenders On Twitter

In an all new effort to discourage the citizens who might have an urge to drive while they are drunk, the Montgomery County in Texas has initiated an all new awareness drive that involves the publishing the names of the drivers busted for DWI (driving while intoxicated) on Twitter. This all new initiative is the brainchild of the local district attorney’s office and this list will be visible to all Twitter users from Christmas to New Year’s Eve.

According to Warren Diepraam (County Vehicular Crimes Prosecutor),

“It’s not a magic bullet that’s going to end DWIs, but its something to make people think twice before they get behind the wheel of a car and drive while they’re intoxicated.”

The publishing of names for various public offenses such as DWI etc. has been common in the United States to ensure that, the public are privy to those individuals who might pose a threat on the roads especially on special days such as Christmas holidays, Fourth of July and Memorial Day etc. when the traffic is at its peak and numerous drivers tend to drive under the influence of alcohol. However, there have been intense scrutiny on the Twitter move, as many argue that, under the U.S constitution, any individual who has been arrested for a crime is innocent, until proven otherwise.

According to Paul Kennedy (Houston defense attorney),

“My question is should the DA dismiss a case against a motorist or should a motorist be acquitted by a jury of his peers, will Mr. Diepraam offer a public apology on Twitter as well?”

Still, the district attorney’s office of Montgomery County are more than convinced that, this new idea will be able to significantly impact on the number of DWI cases and has argued that, the information on Twitter will not something that is confidential and furthermore, it won’t affect an individual fundamental right to a fair trial.

Via Computer World.