The Awesome Apple iPad 2 Might Not Be That ‘Awesome’ In Some Respects

Just 24 hours after the announcement of the year, where in Apple Inc. CEO, Steve Jobs personally took the stage to introduce the all new Apple iPad 2, though the tech world is mesmerized at the potential put forth by the all new device, that is already being termed as a ‘competition killer’, there are a few factors that Apple overlooked and are now being missed in the new iPad 2.

  • Wireless Synchronization: Despite the fact that Apple iDevices are some of the most favorite of all other mobile devices in the market, yet one troubling fact remains that, whether it be an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad, the users always need to carry a laptop or sit in front of a PC/Mac to share files from their systems or perform an iOS update via Apple iTunes. The wireless synchronization feature has always been in high demand from Apple users and as in the case of the new iPad 2, this feature is still missing.


  • Retina Display: This is one feature that is sorely missed in the near perfect Apple iPad 2. The remarkable Retina Display, that available on both the iPhone 4G and iPod Touch 4, provides high resolution display, unlike any other mobile device of the current generation. Only geniuses at Apple Inc. know why they left out such an incredible innovation from such an awesome product.


  • Gorilla Glass: Just like its name, the Gorilla glass, which is available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the most resilient displays in the market today. Capable of surviving mishandling as well as numerous abuse to the display, Gorilla Glass is one feature that should most definitely been present on the iPad 2, considering how lightweight and fragile this device is.


  • 4G Networking: The all new Apple iPad 2 though comes with various networking options such as 3G, wifi and Bluetooth, yet the word of the day is ‘4G’. The astonishing new data network, that has rapidly been adopted by numerous wireless carriers such Verizon Wireless etc., is currently being supported by a long list of tablet devices including the splendid Motorola Xoom. 4G networks will provide the users will blazing fast mobile broadband speeds, a feature that the iPad 2 users will not be able to take advantage of .

Via CrunchGear