The BlackPad launch is getting closer

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that the launch of BlackPad, the provisional name of the tablet from RIM – Research In Motion should happen next week at a conference in San Francisco, California.

The newspaper says that the launch of the tablet is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2010, sources close to the company say could happen as early as next week. RIM has neither confirmed nor denied the information. The youngest iPad competitor must have a 7-inch screen, one or two integrated cameras, Bluetooth and broadband connection, but only able to connect to cellular networks via a BlackBerry.

The same source also told the newspaper that the BlackPad will use a different OS developed by QNX, a company recently acquired by RIM. In the future, it is expected that the company’s smartphones have BlackBerry OS replaced by the new system.

The site Mashable points out that, if true, the launch is a step in the resumption of RIM’s wasted space for the iPhone and Android in recent times, indicating that the company still has the strength to seek its market position. According to the website, the BlackPad not just a iPad competitive but a sign that the company is prepared for the technological trends.

Via: WSJ.