The Cartesia Desk By The Colors Is Very Very Cool

The Cartesia desk by The Colors is one cool desk. It looks sophisticated, minimalistic and has a very cool mechanism that sets it apart from the other designer office furniture that have been flooding the market these days. As you can see from the second picture, this desk can open from two directions- front and side. Why would you want that one might ask. The answer is that due to this feature, one will be able to open multiple drawers at the same time. In regular drawers if you open two consecutive levels, one can only access things from the upper level. Also, it eliminates any blind spot behind the desks. But most importantly, it looks very very cool.

These desks were made in Tukushima, Japan and definitely bring forth a level of innovation which Japanese products are famous for. The finishing comes in two options- walnut and tamo tree. The desk is definitely impressive, but its price tag is not. For a Cartesia desk you will have to shell out a whopping $6000, which will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. I guess we can be happy with Ikea. They are minimalistic to and they are much lighter on your pocket. But I guess there is no dearth of Japanese businessmen with lots of money to spend.


cartesia unique desk the colors


Another interesting home decor idea is the SW Speakers’ Nessma series speakers that can be hung from the ceiling. They save space and look really interesting. For the kiddies out there is the Wave Chair by UtzonKids. It looks cute and provides comfortable seating for your little ones. Then there is the Boffi Shelving system that looks like the New York City skyline. It is slick and contemporary, and will definitely make anyone’s living room stand out. And the entire shelving system comes at a cheaper price than the Cartesia desk.