The Coolest Rocking Chair with OLED Reading Lamp Powered by Rocking Motion

Here is the coolest rocking chair I have ever come across in a long time. This one is designed by a famous designer, Rochus Jacob. Its design is very simple, and yet very effective. It comes integrated with an OLED lamp that can provide sufficient light while you are literally rocking in the chair, enjoying your favorite book or magazine. This rocking chair is simply rocking as it is powered by your rocking motion.

Imagine how comfortable the chair will be when there is a sudden power disruption? You can take it to the terrace or to your backyard at night and catch up with your favorite book. The best part of the OLED lamp is that it consumes minimal power comparatively. Hence, the electricity produced by your rocking motion is more than enough for you to read your book.

The chair comes with an advanced nano-dynamo technology, which is built in to the skids that generates electricity for the lamp. You can also bend the lamp to different angles according to your convenience. When not in use, the OLED reading lamp can be switched off. Whatever power has been generated will be stored into the battery, which can power the lamp even when you are not rocking. This is simply the best rocking chair!

Via: TechChee