The Rainwater Pillow is Supercool

Harvesting rainwater is the best way to conserve water as it can b e used as a standby support in times of need. However, making the so-called traditional cistern for this purpose is always a task for many people. This is when the Rainwater Pillow comes handy to all. Just in case you are wondering how this whole thing works. Here is what it actually does. It consists of an intake filter, which is connected to a flexible water storage bladder.

The outflow hose is powered by a small integrated pump. The good news is that the Rainwater Pillow can store water for up to five years, which is pretty long. The reinforced polymer material used is resistant to both UV rays and temperature extremes. When the water reaches its capacity, the redundant overflow pipes prevent the Pillow from bursting.

The standard 1,000 gallon Rainwater Pillow measures 9? x 11? x 2.5? and you can position it to any convenient spot. If you prefer a bigger one, there are also custom designs available up to 40,000 gallon capacity. The Rainwater Pillow is available at a starting price for $2,500 for 1,000 gallon system. Indeed, this is a smart way of harvesting rainwater.

Via: MetaEfficient\RainWaterPillow

rainwater pillow The Rainwater Pillow is Supercool