The Retroreflective ‘Bright Bike’ for Night Riders

With the number of road traffic accidents immensely increasing throughout the world, biking at nights has become horrendous for bike riders. Most often, it so happens that the small cycles aren’t noticed by huge trucks and are run over by them. At a time like this, Eyebeam has come up with just the right project ‘The Bright Bike’ for the bike-lovers.

Most of the accidents can be prevented by just making vehicles visible, and that is exactly what this project focuses. It makes use of the so-called RETROREFLECTIVE materials, which comprise minute glass beads suspended on their surface to reflect light back to the source that provides it. All you have to do is paint your bike with this Retroreflective Vinyl, and it will glow the minute any light falls on it! The project, which is in an archetype stage at the moment, is expected to offer a DIY kit soon.

Eyebeam has released a five step instructable on how to make your bike retroreflective. Just follow it and you will get a new, stunning, glowing safer bike that would make cycling at night fun.

Source: brightbike/ instructables