The Villa for an Aviator Simulates Life in the Clouds

Flying an aircraft for a living can make you fall in love with open skys and empty spaces. Urban Office Architecture has designed what they are calling ‘A Villa for an Aviator’ for a pilot in New York state. They have designed the house as a deconstructed airplane in such a way that it feels like being surrounded by open sky. We have earlier seen junked airplane or helicopter being converted or redesigned as a living quarter but this house aims to simulate life in the clouds. The fuselage is the starting point and the final design of the house is a collection of “dis-assembled flight components” and it is exposed to wide open views on three sides.


The Villa for an Aviator has been set up on a small hill which is located between a lake and a swimming pool. The residents will get a feeling of being surrounded by water below and sky above. The house was conceived as a collection of aeronautical parts but does not follow a streamlined form but a twisted geometry. The architects say that it was done deliberately to simulate the way a plane steers through air currents.The window apertures of the house have also been bent deliberately to provide the best views the site has to offer. The windows don’t feature flat planes of glass but sharply angled convex/concave glass that remind you of a plane’s cockpit.

The windows have been mounted in a way that it again reminds you of an airplane. Theyare mounted on riveted metal frames and are shaded by perforated metal screens that replicate the texture of clouds and shield the living space from direct and harsh sunlight. The Villa has ground floor space on one side but on the other side the rectangular space has been raised up on stilts. There is an open undercroft at the ground level and the living and dining areas are above.. The open-plan living/dining/kitchen area rises to a height of 9 m (30 ft). And right on top, set on a 12-m (40-ft) cantilever is the master bedroom.