Thomas Pink to Unveil a Book on Englishmen in New york

Thomas Pink surely has an ‘attractive’ surname and most of his designs are quite attractive too. This time around, the LVMH owned designer is planning to bring the ‘Englishman’ to New York. In a chic book called An Englishman In New York, the book features many English dandies like Barneys’ Simon Doonan and Sting who are not only British, but also New Yorkers.

Thomas Pink is a New Yorker who is an Englishman himself. The book contains photographs of various dandies from Britain including a cross-section of British born figures. The list includes many noted English personalities and it celebrates the essence of being English in a country that rebelled against English values and in a country that even formed its own dialect of English.

The idea was to launch a book that is quintessentially English, but also New York-ish at the same time. The glossy book could just be the right place for dandy-wannabes to pick up some style hints which they may not find in usual fashion magazines. If you always wanted to feel like an Englishman, go ahead and buy it from here