Thriller Doll by Hot Toys of Hong Kong

The world is still mourning over Michael Jackson – The King of Pop’s sad demise. Naturally, who has the heart to easily forget one of the greatest icons that the world has ever witnessed? Jacko redefined the Pop music in his own ways with those fabulous dancing moves. The memory is still fresh and his name and contributions still linger on everybody’s mind.

At this juncture, Hot Toys of Honk Kong came up with a toy bearing the title of the most successful hit of Jacko ‘The Thriller’ 1983. The doll is called “The Thriller Doll”. The doll has 32 moveable joints that will enable you to strike a few poses. You can change the look of the doll from fresh faced singer to sullen eyed zombie by changing its costume.

This is quite an interesting move to draw the attention of Jacko’s ardent fans. The doll will be released in Japan by the end of this month but as of now the company has no plans to release in Europe. Quite a sad thing though! There is no information regarding its price yet.

Via: HotToys\TypePad