Tobacco, Alcohol, Cigarette Brands Allowed to Advertise their Brand Extensions

The government of India has allowed the tobacco, alcohol and cigarette producers to advertise their co-products on television.

The advertisement of any products bearing the name of the prohibited product was earlier banned. However, due to the genuine demand of the advertising industry was finally considered. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has allowed the surrogate advertising of cigarette, tobacco, alcohol, and other intoxicants but has banned the display of “prohibited products” during the commercial. The pre condition for the advertisers is that there should be no direct or indirect reference, or usage of phrases promoting the prohibited product.


The Central Board of Film Certification would preview the advertisements first before its telecast. The audit reports need to be submitted to the government so that there is a regulation of the quantity supplied in different outlets as well. The deal seems to be fair enough. Brand recognition of the harmful products may increase the sales volume, providing profit to the manufacturer but in return for a nation full of unhealthy people. The relaxation granted by Ministry is in the light of the long pending demand of the advertising industry, and without the intention to promote the prohibited products.

Via: ZeeNews