Tonin Redefines Luxury Home Decor with Leather Doors and Window Frames

Rich leather upholstery is common but luxury fabrics donning windows and doors were previously unheard of. Italian company Tonin just redefined the idea of elite interior designing. It has unveiled leather doors and leather window frames that bring in an air of classiness to your décor. The use of vibrant colors like ink, blue, brown, ochre, green, black and white, fiery red, metallics etc complete with lustrous lacquer makes up for an opulent collection.  These would be available in tanned hide finishes like Ostrich, Crocodile Skin, Eel as well as Python.

The makers also give the option of encrusting Swarovski crystals along the area of the windows and doors. This collection is work of Sera Valentina and the design team of Swarovski. With such names involved, quality is nothing less than top-notch. It also imbibes use of he legendary Murano glass for the windows.

This is definitely an epitome of luxury and extravagance. I wonder if luxury leather goods factories might be inclined to shift from accessories to home décor since the Tonan just opened the gates of opportunities for others too.

Via: Trendir