Top 10 of the most dangerous sites

Although the Internet is indispensable to billions of people can cause many problems for computers owners.

Precisely for this reason that Google has compiled a list of the portals on the Internet more dangerous and can damage the computers of unwary Internet users.

The most popular search engine on the planet made a record after two months of observation of automated web portals and about 4,000 sites have been identified as hazardous or responsible for the mass distribution of spam. Those sites try to associate themselves to portals that have strong levels of popularity.

This set were also identified websites with the domain extension “. Cn” and they often use the word ‘Google’ fraudulently in their address.

Through the use of reciprocal links , Google considers that there is possible that more than ten thousand sites may already be infected by pirates pages and recomends the usefulness of the installation of preventive application Safe Browsing API that can be installed in Firefox or Chrome, to ensure greater safety in navigation.

Here is the list of the top 10 of the most dangerous sites, according to Google:

Via: JD.