Toshiba Announces The Launch Of The World’s First Glasses Free 3D TVs

One of the foremost consumer electronics company, Toshiba has now announced the launch of an all new range if 3D televisions, that have been designed to eliminate the need of the 3D glasses for viewing these televisions sets. Toshiba’s recent launch of the all new Regza GL1 family of 3D televisions are hailed as the world’s first glasses free 3D televisions and are sure to usher in a new 3D revolution. Toshiba has launched these televisions in Japan with a 12-inch diagonal 12GL1 model, that provides a screen resolution of 466 x 350. The other model in the series to be launched in Japan is the 20GL1,

Both these models are more than what a conventional pocket could accept, yet the technology behind these machines make up for the price. The Toshiba Regza 12GL1 model 3D television will be priced at $1,431 and the second model, Regza 20GL1 will be available with a price tag of $2,863. Both these models are slated for a commercial availability from December 25th, 2010. Apart from the launch of the above mentioned variants, Toshiba has also planned to expand its 3D TV range on a global scale with the introduction of an all new 40 inch model nest year and this launch is expected to be detailed at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Las Vegas.

Via Wall Street Journal & Watch Impress