Tourist Destinations in the Philippines: Some of the Best in the World

Cool mountains, white-sand beaches, and thick virgin forests are just some of the places in the Philippines that showcase the beauty and grandeur of nature. Thousands of islands provide an extensive coastline, deep-blue and crystal clear waters, and about 40,000 square kilometers of coral reefs teeming with the richest of marine life. This paradise also boasts of a rich historical heritage, vibrant culture, warm and friendly people, world-class resorts, and an ever-improving inter-island tour and transport system.


In 2005 alone, this island paradise witnessed the arrival of nearly half a million tourists. Boracay is known as one of the world’s finest swimming destinations. Its fine white-sand and coconut tree-lined beaches, tranquil waters, deep-blue seas, and breathtaking sunset make the place perfect for swimming, sailing, fishing, sunbathing, and even just for simple sightseeing.


The world-renowned exotic island is haven to a variety of rare flora and fauna. This paradise has more than a thousand islets, white-sand beaches, scenic rock formations and limestone cliffs, underwater rivers, and magnificent caves. Palawan also boasts of the famous Tubbataha Reef, the only national marine park in the World Heritage List.


The picturesque island boasts of many coves and white-sand beaches along its coastline, as well as several isles and islets that have become famous dive spots such as Panglao and Pamilacan. Ancestral homes and centuries-old churches are also found on the island. One of the world’s famous natural wonders, the Chocolate Hills, is also found in Bohol.


An average of half a million international tourists visit Cebu every year. The “Queen of the South” has truly become the top provincial destination of foreign travelers. The tropical island resort of Mactan is one of Cebu’s most beautiful beaches. Badian Island Resort and Spa, ranked as the world’s eighth best spa by the Asia Spa Magazine, joins the top league of spa resorts in Maldives, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.


Subic offers magnificent mountains, blue seas, and a famous three-layered virgin forest. Visitors enjoy a white-sand beach, fishing grounds, water sports, and bungee jumping. They can also take a 12-hour jungle survival course. Subic is a tourist heaven with a marina, yacht club, shopping arcades and fine restaurants, and an international airport.


The ‘summer capital’ of the Philippines enjoys cool mountain air all year round because the city is 1,500 meters above sea level. It boasts of pine-covered hills and valleys, scenic views, flowers abloom, and fresh lush fruits. Club John Hay is a sprawling spread of restaurants, vacation houses, and a golf course.


Rising 2,250 feet above sea level and located on a ridge, Tagaytay also enjoys cool climate throughout the year. It overlooks Taal Volcano that lies inside a lake and is said to be the world’s smallest volcano. Tagaytay offers splendid views, mountain treks, horseback riding, or just plain serene and quiet sightseeing.


Hailed as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World,’ this ‘Stairway to Heaven’ was built by hand by the ancestors of the Ifugao tribe. The magnificent rice terraces are farms built on structurally layered mountainsides. They provide food for the mountain locals, as much as breathtaking scenery for visitors.

Banaue Rice Terraces


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El Nido in Palawan, Philippines