Toy Tank Inspired By German King Tiger

Mark 1 Tanks has unveiled a cool toy tank that must surely scare away any inquisitive neighbours. The tank is modelled on the German King Tiger straight from the days of World War II. The tank comes with a fully functioning turret and a long gun which measures 2 feet. It even has what is being touted as a realistic recoil action. This tank is radio controlled and is powerful enough to tow or pull your boring car.

However, the toy tank is quite expensive for anything that can be called a toy and costs $15,000. Now, if you plan to ship it from the U.K., you may have to spend a lot more than that. Think twice before you order this or decide to gift someone this ultra cool toy tank. I wonder if they even manufacture toy warships. However, toy warships would serve no purpose if you keep them in the garden.

Hence, the toy tank is a cool product that will surely scare all your neighbours and visitors and they would think twice before they parked their vehicle close to your gate. They wouldn’t want their flashy cars be pulled by this monstrosity of a toy, would they?

Via: Switched