Track Your Dog's Location with a GPS Device

It would be stressful to lose a pet dog but GPS tracking devices which are exclusively designed for your pets can help you rest in peace. The company in question offers GEODOG, a locator as well as a protector on your dog’s collar with improved features which are unnoticeable, user-friendly, easily-adjustable and also boast a thin design. The gadget is shockproof and manageable as it only is of 150-grams in weight.

The GEODOG system is attached to the collar, and software works with smartphones or android and Windows-based XP/Vista/7. The moment you miss your dog you

could call the number of GEODOG in order to receive text messages with the GPS of lost dog. The message coordinates on a map, which can be opened on a smartphone and used to coordinate in search of the dog.

The software’s mode is simple to monitor. The “Zones” acts as real fence, sending SMS message if he is away from a predefined zone. The distance and direction travelled by the dog from home will be messaged through text. Updated messages are sent each time the dog strays away away from its last position. You can define road ways and property boundaries or could get a caution of “No-Go-Zones” if the dog reaches a certain point. If the dog likes to swim, set an alert to get an idea of water bodies near your area. You need not worry as the system is waterproof.

GEODOG L and GEODOG S are available two sizes with neck size 46cm and 52cm for large dogs and size between 41cm and 47 for small dogs. In normal operating mode, the battery would discharge in twenty four hours and in Stand-by-mode it would last for a week. The GEODOG system is priced at 378. Multi-dog licenses and  single dog licenses would cost extra $125 and $87 respectively.