Tweetie 2.1 For Apple iPhone Released

One of the most influential and widely revered social networking application for Apple iPhone, Tweetie has been given an update and the new Tweetie 2.1 has been released for the iPhone users currently running the previous version of the application. The application has been launched as a free update for the iPhone users.

A new interesting feature has been added in the the update and that is the inclusion of Lists. This feature works quite like Twitter’s List function, where the user tabs in the ‘more’ section of the application and he’ll be able to view the lists that he belongs to and even gives the users the ability to send a tweet to the list in whole.

Another great feature implemented in the Tweetie 2.1 is the ability to retweet, where the users can sends reply to the tweets they receive and the retweets are further categorized into two fields, one being “retweets by me” and the other being “retweets by others”. Tweetie 2.1 also sports geotagging, that has been greatly in demand these days and has been implemented by virtually every social network. This feature is tied straight up to Twitter’s geo tag feature and and and is also affiliated with Vidly, Mobypicture, and Posterous as part of an option that allows the users to upload videos.

Via 148 Apps.