Twilight Vampire, Robert Pattinson, Auctions Kiss For $28,000!

Vampires are usually revered but rarely are they popular amongst the lowly human species. A bite from a vampire results in the victim becoming an obedient slave; often, the obedience may reach the point of obsession. These irresistible creatures may be envied by everyone but few wish to become like them.

And then came Robert Pattinson who changed it all. Undeniably one of the most good looking vampires to date, Pattinson lends credibility to the phrase ‘love at first bite’. After all, who can deny this hunk of a man from nsinking his fangs into their jugular veins and sucking them dry? Most of us have had gothic dreams of Pattinson feasting on our exposed neck, or of kissing his lips. Some of us have been lucky. Under the guise of a charity event, amFAR’s Cinema Against AIDS, Pattinson auctioned off kisses on his cheek. If it takes $3000 to spend a week with Julia Roberts, turns out it takes $28,000 to kiss this most-wanted vampire. And it wasn’t even the real tonguing lip-locking stuff; the Twilight star only auctioned off two ‘pecks on the cheek’ which went to two lucky girls (whose names should not be revealed, lest Rob’s fans decide to murder them).

Other famous names who managed to raise some money at the charity event were Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger, Bill Clinton, Hayden Panattiere, and Josh Hartnett. Hartnett even offered to strip for the event but, unfortunately, things never get that good.


Via: ChinaDaily/TheBlemish/CelebritySpotlight