Twilight Vampire Robert Pattinson Gay? Who Cares!

When Robert Pattinson played 17 year old Vampire in Twilight, he was so convincing that it started off a trend amongst men who aimed to look deathly pale while messing up their hair, and girls decided that any man who loved cold places were worth going out with.

Robert Pattinson first gained fame when he played Hogwart Champion Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Even though he does invite Harry to take a bath in the prefect’s bathroom, no one ever considered him gay until news of his next movie hit the web. After playing Wizard and Vampire, chocolate boy Pattinson has chosen to play a most gay Salvador Dali in his next movie, Little Ashes, and news of his homosexuality has immediately sprung up. It is strange that these rumours coincide with his signing up to play a gay role when nobody mistook him for a Vampire when he played one so convincingly!

robbert pattinson

Actors continually undergo rumours like this every time they announce a new role. Remember Heath Ledger and Brokeback Mountain? One doesn’t have to be gay to play the role, nor do you have to be straight to play that role! As for Pattinson, he’s just as desirable whether he’s gay or not. So, does it matter?

Via: StyleFrizz