World's First Two-man Planing Submarine Rocks Ahead

Two-man planing submarine is the world's first Q-Sub 2400 designed by Hugh Fulton to find solutions for very difficult problems. It eliminates the problem of surface ships to lift them from water. It has been built according to the requirements of GL and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) which is capable of diving up to the depth of four hundred feet and travelling with an underwater speed of 3knots and twenty knots on the surface.

The light weight unique design of Q-Sub allows travelling along the surface like a speed boat and it has the potentiality of multiple dives at separate locations. You feel as if you are driving exclusive sports car designed for two persons. Your travelling will be enjoyable with large side windows of acrylic, for viewing underwater scenery and sea life.

The Q-Sub 2400 Submersible, manufactured by Q-Subs Limited from New Zealand is comfortable and roomy with unbelievable visibility. The Q-Sub has Oxygen scrubbers, the view ports, build times and certification, optional extras, front & rear cameras, thrusters operation, 18 kt surface speeds, underwater versus surface operation, redundancy, and the simple control systems.

The controls are logical with thirty minutes of battery charging time, endurance time of diving is eight hours, having emergency reserve of 72 hour, and eleven electric motors are controlled by the onboard computer.   The exceptional visibility under water is due to 36” viewing dome. It weighs about 3400kg. The superyacht is capable of fifteen nautical miles from the mother ship. It was presented at a Boat Show in New Zealand in May 2011.