USA, India and Brazil are leaders in spam

About 12% of spam worldwide from India and Brazil, the second and third places in the survey conducted by Sophos, a company specializing in security. The list is led by the United States, followed by India, considering the time the final quarter of last year. See the full list below:

1. USA – 18.83%
2. India – 6.88%
3. Brazil – 5.04%
4. Russia – 4.64%
5. United Kingdom – 4.54%
6. France – 3.45%
7. Italy – 3.17%
8. South Korea – 3.01%
9. Germany – 2.99%
10. Vietnam – 2.79%
11. Romania – 2.25%
12. Spain – 2.24%
Other – 40.17%

Source: Sophos

According to Sophos, while the same countries continue to dominate in terms of amount of spam, the nature of spam distributed is increasingly malicious.

Advertisements for pharmaceutical products remains a concern. Since about 36 million Americans report having purchased online drug vendors without a license. But increasingly spread malware and phishing messages attempt to capture user names, passwords and personal information.

The company also saw an increase in reports of malicious applications, compromised profiles and unwanted messages spread through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The term spam, the English abbreviation of “spiced ham” is an unsolicited mass electronic message sent to anyone that has an email account.

Via: CNET.