USB Shaped Wedding Ring Alludes to Loads of Shared Memories

To be associated with technology is usually associated with not having a great social life, and also not having a great sense of fashion. Certain geeks in fact take pride in this lack of aesthetic sense and if you were to marry one such person, you would of course try and get that person something ridiculously geekish.

With that in mind, a bride who could not really think of anything that she could buy her husband decided to get a custom-made USB wedding ring. It also comes with a “For a lifetime of memories,” which is a direct reference to all the USB’s storage capabilities and also all the memories that they would share as long as they would remain married and thereafter. Now, the ring is not functional and is just an accessory.

It indeed does not look all that great but the bridegroom who happens to be Microsoft Game Studios Software Development Engineer Ray Arifianto seems really excited anyway. Perhaps this would help girlfriends and boyfriends of geeks who are not geeks themselves to buy something which the geek would like.

Via: Mashable