Valentine’s Day Is Going To Be Affordable

Apparently the recession has hit the Valentine’s Day market too. The couples are expected to cut down on their Valentine’s Day expenses. Now, that is what I call tacky! According to the National Retail Federation poll an American would spend $63.34 on gifts this year, where he spent $67.22 last year.

It has also been predicted that this year each person would spend $103. Let’s see, how well this prediction goes because last year it was predicted that an average American would spend $122.98, but the actual results were fairly different (a steep fall in expenses was recorded)!

While everyone is trying to compromise on love, they are certainly going a step ahead in other fronts. Consumers are believed to spend $3.27 on pets (up from $2.17 last year) and $4.29 on friends and teachers (up from $3.59 last year).

The Valentine’s Day market is making a steady growth, but the film industry wants to grow even faster! The most awaited flick “Valentine’s Day” is lined up for release on the Valentine’s Day itself. It sure, will rake in a lot of moolah.

If your boyfriend comes up with mock jewellery instead of gifting you a real sapphire, don’t be mad at him, because in this economy getting a gift from your boyfriend is a bonus in itself!

via: mediapost

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