Valentine’s Day Gifts For Geeky Girls

Buying the perfect gift for the unconventional girl needn’t be such a difficult thing. If she frowns every time you try to impress her with flowers and fell asleep when you tried to recite romantic poetry to her, then remember that just because she’s a girl that doesn’t mean she couldn’t be a geek. There are lots of geeky girly things she would love. Here are a few selections.


The LED Flashing Sweetheart Kit– Just $9.99 and a little work from your side to show her how she makes your heart light up.


Music Bear iPod Speaker– This silver teddy bear will make her go cho cute and costs $50.


8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt– This will show everyone how much you love each other, because it will light up from 2 and half to 5 hearts when you’re at hugging distance. Costs $11.99-$24.99.


Lipstick USB Drive– This one you can make her yourself because, after all, she is a girl.


Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer– Over a thousand designs and perfect nails within seconds.


Control Your Man Remote– No hints, give her the remote to control you! cost- $19.95


Elecom Ear Drops Jewel Type Stereo Headphone Ear Phones– Pretty and heartshaped; costs $24.99


Limited Edition Valentine’s Liquid Case– Perfect for her iPhone, it costs $119

These are gifts that any geek girl would love, and why wouldn’t she? just make sure you gift them to her in the nicest package possible. Who says geeks girls can’t be gifted pretty things?!