Vampire Sightings at Highgate Cemetery, London

Highgate Cemetery was a fashionable and stylish burial place for the Victorians and was built in 1839. The cemetery started to decay by 1960s and a couple of vampire sightings were reported. While skeptics have continued to ridicule the idea of vampires existing, the place has been known to house evil beings that are sinister and scary. Many people who walked at night near the graveyard have reported a sudden cold breeze that seems to freeze them.

An unidentified person reported being attacked by a dark figure that had vampire like teeth and she fought him away and the figure disappeared into the walls. The sightings have been consistent and many analysts point out that though the “evil beings” may not be supernatural, the sightings are definitely true and not faked up.Nevertheless, Highgate Cemetery is still a beautiful and charming graveyard.

This brings us to another perspective which reveals the fact that there could be cults within graveyards who suffer from a sort of collective madness and scare people at night and attack them by placing corpses in cars or biting unwary pedestrians. Certainly, the existence of vampires cannot be ruled out but at the Highgate cemetery, it seems like the work of evil humans. Vampires are known to wander the mountains of Transylvania and the Balkans.


Via: GhostStory