Vera Wang’s Chinese Boutique’s $500 Try-On Fee Surprises Their Management

High end designer labels are falling over each other to not just create a presence for themselves in China but consolidate it. Vera Wang is no exception and their Shanghai boutique has given them a good standing in the Chinese market. However it has received some negative publicity as the news spread that the boutique is charging a fee of 3,000 yuan which is almost $500 to the bride to be for trying on dresses for 90 minutes. The news was not received well by the Chinese clientele who perceived it as a naughty scheme which was unacceptable as it had racist tones.
The Practice Introduced by International Partners was Reviewed By Management
Any and every luxury brand is careful to create a positive perception about itself. Brand building is a tedious and long drawn out process but its image gets damaged very easily. When this news about the irregular fee reached the higher management at Vera Wang, even they were taken aback as it is not a standard practice at their stores worldwide. Priya Shukla, Vice President of Public Relations at Vera Wang explained while talking to Refinery29 about the matter that the news had taken them by surprise too. The undesirable practice was introduced by their international partners and it was brought to the notice of the higher management at Vera Wang.

Advertisement for Wedding Dress by Vera Wang
The Practice is Widespread in China as protection Against Counterfeiters
The top management at Vera Wang is reviewing the matter very seriously. They believe that all their stores worldwide should follow the same standard of excellence and provide the same shopping experience to their customers. Priya pointed out that this practice is wide spread in Chinese boutiques as a measure to protect high end brands from rampant counterfeiting activities. The fee is treated like a down payment and is deducted from the price of the gown the customer purchases. However, it is not refunded in case the customer doesn’t make any purchase. Every market has its own standards and acceptable trade practices. The luxury brands will have to relook at their standard practices or resist modifying them according to the pressures of the Chinese market.

Via: racked