Vintage Radio: Toot-A-Loop Twisted Radio

One cannot be sure if the design can be called exactly excellent, but was a novelty when released. Considering it was an innovation way back in, not even the 80s but as early as 1972, one needs to give credence to the thought behind the product.

Pitched as part-radio and part-fashion accessory, the radio those days was called Toot-A-Loop R 72, a not-so-fashionable name for the AM radio only piece, but struck a chord then.

It was meant to be worn around the wrist like a bracelet, or carried like a purse. If twisted, the radio’s smaller half would spin and its larger half would separate, forming the shape of the letter S. In reality, Toot-A-Loop, the Panasonic product, was shaped like a tapered doughnut, twisting open to reveal the tuning dial for AM radio inside. Those days, AM-only radio also came with fun stickers so that users could customize it.

toot-a-loop-radioToot-A-Loop was tad different from the Panapet Ball and Chain Radio R-70 which was brought out in 1970. Panapet was a ball-shaped radio that hung on a chain. Toot-A-Loop was also known as Bangle Radio.

Via: Gizmodo, Panasonic, Gizmodiva