W-41: Giving Tec-Fashion a Whole New Interface!

Technology seems to track our every move and it is getting to the crazy point that someone is going to trace everything we did in a day 50 years after we die because we have left our footprints in the electronic stuff that lies all around us. The concept of tech-wear W-41 is not probably for those who are not really comfortable with parading themselves around. But those who love social networking sites and other meaningless stuff that hangs about on the net with no real purpose, this is a real great option. Just let some anonymous person shoot your pic, then know all about you in a flash. Yes, all this even without your notice!

The come with a unique tech logo that can be captured on a camera as a personal electronic fingerprint. Each shirt’s symbol comes with unique electronic code and the person who has your picture on his mobile can use the special software provided by the company to know all about you from all the social networking sites you are a member of. (Assuming that you have a valid account that gives the right information)

Apart from the fact that the technology allows you to be monitored and watched without your permission and is a complete intrusion to your privacy, the whole concept seems useless as very few people would recognize a logo, take a snap and then have pre-loaded software for the painstaking job. T-shirts and sweatshirts for women and men are available in the colors vintage white, vintage black and vintage brown at a price of $49-$56. If you like a girl or guy that you see, just go up to them, make small talk and get their number. Simple and way more cool!

Via: Chipchick