Walkie Talkies: O2 Recycle Fits Recycled Phones in Fashionable Footwear

Consumerism is having an adverse impact on our environment. The manufacturers and marketers also encourage the trend of use and throw to increase their sales. But it is encouraging to see that at the same time there are small efforts being made at recycling used products. O2 Recycle is one such UK based company that buys used handsets and other gadgets for recycling. The company has launched a unique and stylish project called Walkie Talkies and created a collection of classic shoes with recycled, functional cell phones embedded in them. The concept reminds one of Agent Maxwell Smart who came up with the idea of a shoe phone but the Walkie Talkie pieces are fashion statements created to encourage recycling.

Designer Sean Miles Has Revamped the Shoes

Christian Louboutin, the world renowned brand best known for its red sole shoes is also part of this unique project. O2 Recycle has roped in designer Sean Miles who has taken a pair of classic Christian Louboutin heels and revamped it and fitted a functional phone under its famous red sole. The Walkie Talkie collection has three other shoes to offer a complete range. The other shoes meant for talking are a men’s brogue, a Nike Air Training shoe and a Hunter Welly. The concept, no doubt is a bit gimmicky but the intention behind it is noble. It is heartening to see that even the fashion and luxury industry are adapting sustainable practices.

Classic Shoes With Phone

The Visitors to the Exhibition May Win a Pair Costing $4,000

The unique collection of shoes will be unveiled for the public in March. You will need deep pockets in case you plan to buy one of them. The environment friendly shoe phones come at a high price. Each pair has been valued at $4,000 which is definitely not affordable for a common man. But make sure you visit the exhibition when it takes place in March as every visitor will have an opportunity to win a pair of the unique shoes. It is rather impractical to be talking into a shoe but the concept will be taken forward by O2 Recycle who are now planning to come up with handbags and gloves with embedded phones. That sounds more reasonable and practical and may very well trigger a whole new trend.

Via: news.cnet